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Millions of people are trying to lose weight, and there are many different types of diet pills on the market that can help. The convenience of buying diet pills online appeals to those who are not eligible to receive a prescription and to those who want access to diet pill reviews before making a purchasing decision. While it is possible to buy both prescription pills and non-prescription pills online, the latter option is recommended for several reasons.

Prescription Diet Pills

Prescription diet pills are recommended for people whose weight falls in the obese category. Doctors will approve prescription pills such as Meridia (sibutramine), Xenical (orlistat), and Adipex (phentermine) only when a patient has a minimum Body Mass Index of 28-30. These prescription pills are to be used in accordance with dieting and exercise for a limited amount of time. They are controlled substances that can produce negative effects on a patient's health.

Prescription pills can be purchased online through various websites, although this practice is a risky one for both legal and health reasons. These pills are very powerful and they should not be taken unless they are authorized by a medical professional.

Non-Prescription Diet Pills

Non-prescription pills are generally formulated from natural ingredients and are not associated with serious side effects. People who wish to boost their weight loss program can easily buy these diet pills online and from most of the nation's major pharmacy chains. Non-prescription diet pills can work in several different ways: by burning fat, raising the metabolism, cleansing the body, or a combination of all three methods. These pills vary in their effectiveness depending on their ingredients and on how much weight a person needs to lose.

Finding A Diet Pill That Works

There are three types of non-prescription pills that are highly recommended for dieters. Each of these pills works differently but all have produced great results. The three types of non-prescription diet pills are appetite suppressants, fat blockers and fat burners.

  • Appetite suppressants work by diminishing appetite and stimulating a feeling of fullness. Appetite suppressing diet pills are helpful for reducing weight gain associated with overeating, binge eating and stress eating. The best appetite suppressants contain natural ingredients like garcinia cambogia.

  • Fat blockers suppress body fat accumulation, especially around the belly and thighs. Fat blockers are effective at maintaining weight loss and preventing weight gain. Many fat blockers also function as fat burners or appetite suppressants. We recommend natural fat blockers that contain hydroxycitric acid (HCA).

  • Fat burners stimulate lipolysis to increase fat oxidation. Lipolysis is the process of burning fat for energy. Fat burning supplements are extremely helpful for getting rid of those last few pounds that people can't seem to lose. We recommend natural, ephedra-free fat burners that contain raspberry ketones, green tea or garcinia cambogia

Diet Pill Reviews

Prescription products often receive good reviews from those who are eligible to use them. Some reviews warn against the health issues that they can cause if not taken properly. Many non-prescription pills receive overwhelmingly positive reviews from many people who have safely used the products to lose excess weight. Read our diet pill reviews to find out which product is right for you.

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