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Lindora Reviews

Rated: 1 out of 5

Lindora's "Lean for Life" program is offered through its chain of Southern-California-based diet clinics and through the company's website. The program, which is similar in many ways to the original Atkins Diet plan and the Zone Diet, emphasizes a multi-phase high-protein/low-carbohydrate eating plan.

The first phase in Lindora's program lasts several days and is called the "Prep" phase; it is designed to place the body into a state of ketosis so that rapid weight loss occurs. The next phase is one to two months in duration and is known as the "Weight loss" phase; during each day in this phase, participants check to make sure the state of ketosis is maintained. If the body is not still in ketosis, the program has users return to the "Prep" phase for a short time.

The final phase of the program is called "Metabolic Adjustment" and lasts for two weeks. During this phase, new foods are gradually added to the diet while maintaining a high metabolic rate to ensure continued weight loss occurs.

The success story Lindora reviews shared by Lindora users on the company's website are some of the most authentic and inspiring tributes to be found among the many diet sites. Users praise the Lindora program for being the inspiration they needed to change their eating habits and subsequently, their lives. Specifically, most customers appreciate the practical guided approach that Lindora offers for weight control.

Reviews of Lindora's program elsewhere are mixed. Some users were successful in following the plan to lose weight, but other customers found sticking to the program difficult, especially on the restrictive "high-protein" days.

Other customers criticized the Lindora program for being unnecessarily complicated and overly expensive.

Lindora Supplement Ingredients

The ingredients found in Lindora's supplements and food products are not listed online.

How Much Does Lindora Cost?

Lindora's Lean for Life program is available through any of its clinic locations and via the company's website. The price for a "Weight Loss Starter Kit" is $39.99; this includes a book, one bottle of "fat burning indicators," a CD, and a DVD.

Lindora's regular on-line programs include a 6-week online coaching program for $79.00, or a 10-week online coaching program for $99.00. For an additional $78.00 to $245.00, by-phone coaching from a nurse can be added; the company recommends adding the phone coaching "for maximum program effectiveness."

Weight loss meal replacements, supplements, and snacks are available for purchase at an additional charge. Sample prices include $13.50 for a box of seven protein bars and $30.00 for a bottle of 120 multi-vitamins.

Does Lindora Work?

If you don't mind spending a substantial amount of money on coaching, books, CDs, DVDs, diet supplements, vitamins, meals, and snacks, the Lindora program might be the right choice for you. Customers who have followed the Lindora "Lean for Life" plan have usually found it to be helpful in helping them to shed weight.

Be prepared to spend a significant amount of time tracking exactly what you eat, including the carbohydrates and protein in each bite that crosses your lips.

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