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Shakeology Review

Rated: 2.5 out of 5

Today's weight loss supplement market is teaming with a long list of products designed to help people shed unwanted pounds but reducing the overall daily intake of calories over and above the recommended amount for their ideal weight. Users tend to use these supplements as a way to get the right type of calories while helping them to curb their hunger and allowing them to achieve both their fitness and wellness goals. One of the most critical forms of calories are those derived from protein and Shakeology has been introduced as a chief provider as it is best described as a cross between a meal replacement shake and a source of protein.

ShakeologyAccording to multiple studies it has been found that, while many users of Shakeology have lost a considerable amount of excess weight, many others have not. This is true even among those who have attested to the fact that they have used the product as directed. It should also be pointed out that a considerable sampling of users have reported some issues believed to be related to allergic reactions but those reports have not been established as completely credible or verifiable as of the time of publication.

Shakeology Ingredients

This product was designed to be a weight loss supplement which many consider to be a cross between a protein shake and a meal replacement shake. The producers have made it in a number of varieties including vanilla, chocolate and strawberry but also offer what they term as vegan options for users who have issues with dairy and animal ingredients.

The majority of these varieties contain seventeen grams of protein and are said to vary between one hundred and forty to one hundred and sixty calories per thirty-six gram serving. Also, they are believed to contain a highly nutritious blend of proteins which include pea protein and whey as well as a long list of vitamins, natural herbs, antioxidants and probiotics along with a number of digestive enzymes. Also, there are varieties known as Super Fruit and Super Green which are said to contain certain fruits and vegetable powders such as kale, chlorella, goji berry as well as pomegranate.

The instructions label suggests that users mix one scoop of the chosen Shakeology variety with eight to twelve ounces of water, milk or nut milk or fruit juice between once and twice a day. Also, it is important to note that the producers recommend that the shake be used no more than once a day on a regular basis. So, even though user may use it twice a day on occasion it is not something that should be done regularly. With that in mind, the manufacturer does state that it is acceptable to use multiple times per day as a snack rather than a meal replacement.

Where To Buy Shakeology

The key thing to understand about how and where to buy Shakeology is that it was first developed in 2009 by the fitness and wellness firm known as Beach Body which is well-known as a producer of numerous fitness and wellness products and services.

The important distinction between Beach Body and many of its competitors is that it relies on what is known in the industry as a multi-level marketing firm. This means that the product is not available in stores or on online retail platforms such as but must be purchased directly through a network of what the companies likes to call coaches. In fact, the sellers are recruited by other coaches and work both to sell their products to the public but also recruit more sellers who will ultimately turn over a share of their earnings to their recruiter.

As of the time of publication it is said that there are more than three hundred and forty thousand sellers of Shakeology and other Beach Body products and services mostly through connections made through social media contacts.

Does Shakeology Work?

There is ample evidence that this product can have a significant effect on the amount of weight loss that many users are able to achieve as it provides a solid source of high quality calories and a significant amount of lean protein. However, numerous studies conducted over several decades have shown conclusively that simply replacing foods that are high in fat or other less beneficial calories with leaner sources of calories and low fat proteins can achieve the same basic goals. For example, a single serving of Shakeology, when mixed with water alone, contains approximately one hundred and sixty calories. This is roughly equivalent to two eggs without any additional added calories from butter, salt or other condiments.

One critical note here is that although many protein and meal replacement supplements shakes such as Shakeology have a proven track record of helping many users achieve significant weight loss it does not tend to surpass other methods such as simply lowering overall caloric intake through the use of what would be deemed to be regular foods. And, it must be noted that several studies have indicated that users of Shakeology tend to regain far more weight and at a faster pace than those who use more conventional methods such as low calorie regular foods.

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