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SlimGenics Reviews

Rated: 1.5 out of 5

The SlimGenics weight loss program, formerly known as Slim 4 Life, is a regimen that includes counseling with weight loss experts, education, and supervision, all with the goal of developing healthier eating habits.

Originally developed as a chain of weight loss centers, SlimGenics now offers its programs via the Internet to users who sign up on the company's website. In addition to counseling and education, SlimGenics sells a variety of weight loss products both at its centers and online; products include cookbooks, snacks, meals, and supplements called Omega-Slim Essential Fatty Acids, Alpha-Slim Carb Blockers, Thermo-Slim Metabolizers, Pura-Slim Metabolizers, Herbal-Slim Metabolizers, and Meta-Slim Metabolizers.

While testimonials found on SlimGenics's website are glowingly positive, independent reviews elsewhere paint a very different picture. Rather than the diet consultants that are supposed to coach and support clients through their weight loss process, customers found high-pressure salespeople who used heavy-handed tactics to sell them more and more of the counseling time as well as snacks and supplements.

SlimGenics Meal Pan: Ingredients

The ingredients in Omega-Slim Essential Fatty Acids include Omega 3 and Omega 6 from fish oil in addition to GLA from Borage oil.

Alpha-Slim Carb Blockers ingredients are not listed on the SlimGenics website.

Thermo-Slim Metabolizers contain a blend of herbs that provide fortification and healing for the body during the weight loss process. In addition, this formula helps to decrease food cravings, suppress the appetite, and rev up the metabolism. The specific herbs are not listed.

The ingredients in Pura-Slim Metabolizers are herbs that are designed to support the body during weight loss and help to speed up the metabolic process. While the actual herbs are not listed, the manufacturer notes that this product contains no caffeine.

Herbal-Slim Metabolizer contains a blend of herbs that help to suppress the appetite and reduce cravings. The actual herbs are not listed.

The ingredients in Meta-Slim Metabolizers are not specified, but the manufacturer notes that this formula is herbal and designed specifically to support females during the weight loss process.

How Much Does SlimGenics Cost?

SlimGenics centers are located in Denver, Northern Colorado, and Minneapolis/St. Paul. For customers who live elsewhere, the company's website offers an Internet-based program.

First-time customers are entitled to a free 30-minute consultation with one of SlimGenics's diet counselors. The prices of the program are not disclosed on the website. Currently there is a $50-off offer advertised on SlimGenics's website for customers who sign up for an appointment.

Several customer reviews state that participation in the program is exceedingly expensive. Customers lamented that they spent $2,000 or more on the SlimGenics program with little to no result, and no way to obtain a refund.

The manufacturer's website does list prices for the Omega-Slim Essential Fatty Acids, Alpha-Slim Carb Blockers, Thermo-Slim Metabolizers, Pura-Slim Metabolizers, Herbal-Slim Metabolizers, and Meta-Slim Metabolizers supplements; pricing ranges from $39 to $135 for each individual bottle.

Does SlimGenics Work?

Theoretically, changing the way a person eats with a long-term focus on healthy habits seems ideal. In practice, however, this is not what happens in the SlimGenics program. Hard core sales tactics and overpriced supplements with unspecified ingredients are a poor choice for those hoping to shed pounds.

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