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Apidexin is a multi-ingredient supplement that helps to quickly burn fat and build lean muscle mass. The manufacturer of Apidexin notes that the ingredients used in the proprietary formula are clinically proven and are patented or have patents pending. While the product's official website contains no details about the clinical trials, the website notes that the product return rate of two percent indicates that 98 percent of their customers are satisfied with the use of Apidexin.

Apidexin Reviews

Testimonials on the product's website from users of Apidexin indicate a high degree of satisfaction with the weight loss supplement. In particular, one user noted that she has lost 58 pounds over seven months on Apidexin, and another user lost 23 pounds and also improved his muscle tone and the appearance of his abs.

Reviews elsewhere on the Internet paint a very different picture of the manufacturer of Apidexin. Numerous complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau detail issues with customer service, erroneous billing, false charges, and difficulties in obtaining refunds.

As to Apidexin's effectiveness, there are a number of reviews in which customers detail their experience with using Apidexin faithfully but seeing no difference in weight or the body's fat to muscle ratio.

Apidexin Ingredients

The eight active ingredients in the Apidexin formula include:

  • Fucoxanthin, a Japanese Wakame seaweed that helps to increase metabolic rate and support healthy liver functioning;
  • Razberi-K, a ketone found in raspberries that assists in fat reduction;
  • Guggul EZ 100, which helps the thyroid gland to function properly and optimizes the metabolism;
  • Thermodiamine 98% Evodiamine, a quinozole alkaloid derived from a fruit that assists in fat burning;
  • Forslean 95% Forskolin, an Ayurvedic plant that helps to reduce fat tissue while increasing lean muscle mass;
  • Lipolide-SC, helpful in increasing the body's rate at which it burns fat;
  • Infinergy DiCaffeine Malate, which increases energy levels, maximizes the mental focus and accelerates the process of thermogenesis; and
  • Bioperine, which helps the seven other ingredients be rapidly absorbed into the body.

Where to Buy Apidexin

You can purchase Apidexin at the company's official website. Each bottle contains a thirty-day supply of Apidexin; one bottle is priced at $49.95. Two bottles of Apidexin in combination with one bottle of the company's Detox formula are $79.95; four bottle each (eight bottles in all) of Apidexin and Detox formula will run you $119.95; six bottles of each product (twelve bottles in total) are priced at $149.95. Shipping charges range from $4.75 to $32.75 depending on the quantity purchased and the specific shipping method.

The manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee on purchases of Apidexin. If any customer is not satisfied with the results they achieve from using Apidexin, they can return their empty bottle along with any unused Apidexin in resalable condition for a full refund, less shipping charges.

Does Apidexin Work?

The only place where Apidexin seems to work is on the company's website itself. Other non-affiliated websites provide long lists of the unproven claims made by the manufacturer and reviews of the product by unhappy customers. Don't be misled by the product's long list of creative-sounding ingredients.

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