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Almased Reviews

Rated: 1.5 out of 5

Developed by a German scientist twenty-five years ago, Almased is a weight-loss supplement that helps to speed up the metabolism and to increase physical performance.

As part of the Almased Synergy Diet, users need to mix the Almased powder into water or a select list of drinks as a meal replacement, and also consume vegetable broth and many glasses of water throughout the day.

The official Almased website contains several success stories from dieters who went on the Almased program and lost between 10 and 42 pounds. Users portrayed in the section praised Almased for it's great taste and ability to provide a feeling of fullness.

According to the Almased website, several university studies in Germany and the United States have verified the effectiveness of the Almased program. Nine German scientists are listed as having formulated a number of positive statements regarding the Almased product.

User testimonials from sources other than the official product website paint a more mixed portrait of success through the Almased program. Some users note that they were not able to stay on the Almased plan due to the taste of the powder mixed into their drink, even with holding their nose while drinking to mask the flavor.

Where to Buy Almased

At $34.95 for 10 servings, Almased is expensive. There are many other products on the market today with similar ingredients at lower prices.

The Almased powdered supplement is available for purchase on the company's website or through their toll-free number; one 17.6 oz can, which contains approximately 10 servings, is priced at $34.95. Three 17.6 oz cans can be purchased for $99.95. A wide range of shipping options are available in the continental United States, ranging from $8.60 for USPS Priority Mail to $82.19 for overnight delivery.

Almased is also available for sale through a select group of retailers, natural food sellers, and health practitioners which include the Whole Foods markets.

Almased Ingredients

Almased's proprietary formula includes skim milk yogurt powder, soy, honey enzymes, vegetable- and animal-based amino acids, and bioflavonoids. Almased contains no added preservatives, stimulants, sugars or artificial colors, and it is gluten-free.

Does Almased Work?

Some users started the Almased Synergy Diet but were not able to stay on the plan due to its restrictiveness. They mentioned that it required too much willpower to replace all or most of their meals with the Almased powder mixed into water or another beverage.

Other users had an experience known as a yo-yo or rebound effect. In several reviews, dieters noted that they first lost weight while following the Almased regimen, but then gained the weight back after several weeks even while still following the program.

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