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Plexus Slim Review

Rated: 3.1 out of 5

At one time or another, most consumers have thought about using some kind of aid to help reduce or maintain their weight. And at some point, they usually come to the realization that there are a great many products which are designed to help with this issue on the market today. Looking at the situation closely, the reason for that is rather simple - more than ever before in the history of mankind, people of all kinds are dealing with the effects of over consumption. Put that together with the growing degree of sedentary behavior and what one ends up with are results that are more than predictable. The issue at hand, which is growing all over the world, is likely at its worst within the United States. The reasons for this are numerous but the central cause has been linked to the type of diet which is so common to American consumers and which, no one disputes is far too high in fats, salts and sugars and far beyond anything found on that level anywhere else in the world at this time.

The key issue at hand here is that Americans, in general, tend to consume more calories per day than any of their counterparts in any other society in the world. No doubt, the reason for this can be traced directly to their choice of basic foodstuffs, their levels of positive exercise and their lifestyles as a whole. Combine that with the nonstop advertising that they are subjected to and the growing number of sources for these messages in the form of cable TV, the internet and social media and you have a set of circumstances which make getting away the near constant thoughts of food extremely hard to avoid.

Throughout history, this basic set of facts has only been part of the world and the United States, most notably, for around the last fifty to sixty years when, in the aftermath of the second world war we saw a sizable rise in the technology and other means to produce increasing quantities of food rather cheaply and that could have a very long shelf life. The negative effect of this set of impressive innovations was the fact that, in order to attain this type of advancement, these foods would need to contain a high level of low-quality ingredients and a great many that were based on man-made chemicals. As a result, this was at this time that the term "processed foods" entered the American lexicon.

The upside to all of this is that, in the last ten years or so, more and more consumers are becoming more and more educated when it comes to the contents of what they tend to eat but also to the detrimental effects that these foods can have on, not only their overall weight, but also on their health as a whole. And, as one would suspect, there has been a growing movement in the country, around the world and in the industries that make these products to find new, reduced calorie and otherwise healthier options.

However, all of these attempts have been proven to fall rather short of eliminating the problem which has led to a search for other means of controlling caloric intake. One of the central methods in this case, is the use of weight reduction products such as weight loss supplements including diet pills and other forms of dietary products. Even though there has been an improvement in this area, there still may be there are a number of issues which have come about as a result of the use of these kinds of products. Generally, the issue is that the demand for products of this type has grown to the point in the last couple of decades that the market for them has grown to the point where there are now literally hundreds of products of this kind and many of them have been proven to be either not effective in any meaningful way or the actual cause of even more issues when it comes to overall health outcomes for the vast majority of consumers.

With all of these factors kept in mind we, as a part of our ongoing efforts to help our many valued readers get the products that will likely help them reach their goals of weight loss and improved health, have chosen to take a good hard look at one of the most talked about weight loss products on the market today - it's called Plexus Slim.

About Plexus Slim

Plexus Slims

This product is said to be produced in a facility within the United States by the parent company known as Plexus Worldwide. This product is produced in the form of a supplemental drink which is claimed to be free of any gluten products as well as any artificial colors or sweeteners.

Plexus Slim Ingredients

A close look at the list of ingredients used in the production of Plexus Slim shows that the formulation includes a long list of ingredients which are in wide use across the industry. It must also be noted that it also does not contain a number of well-established elements which have been proven to have a profound effect in the area of weight loss.

The included ingredients are Green Coffee Bean Extract, Chromium Polynicotinate, Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Mulberry Fruit Extract, Xylooligosaccharides, Citric Acid, Beetroot Extract and Stevia Leaf Extract.

Some of the beneficial elements that it does not contain include Zinc for the promotion of more stable cellular structure and a long list of vitamins which are necessary to boost metabolism.

Research, Studies And Testing

There is no doubt that having a strong understanding of the ingredients of a product of this kind can be beneficial given that it allows the consumer to see whether or not it contains the most desired items as well as whether or not it contains any undesirable ingredients such as those that may lead to medical concerns such as potential allergic reactions. Still, there are other forms of information which can be far more illuminating such as any data which might have been derived from any research, studies or clinical trials, assuming any of that was conducted. This is not always the case as many products of this nature are not required to by studied or tested in this manner in many regions of commerce.

A review of all of the available data from both Plexus Worldwide as well as several other industry sources did not turn up any reports or other data which would lend support to any of the claims being made for the particular formulation of Plexus Slim.

Where To Buy Plexus Slim

Plexus Worldwide sells this product directly through its official company website as well as a number of well-known online retail platforms such as and It should be noted that there is an apparent price differential between many of these outlets so consumers should do some research before making their purchase.

Does Plexus Slim Work?

An examination of the numerous claims which are made for Plexus Slim with regard to its overall effectiveness, including the claim that the average user loses up to ten pounds when following the recommended plan of use can be looked at skeptically. The issue with this and other similar claims is that we could not establish any credible or verifiable evidence of any research, studies or clinical trials that would provide any tangible support for these types of claims in any documents provided by the producer or through any of the numerous industry resources that normally offer links to data regarding research and testing of products of this kind.

User Reviews

In the days before the widespread use of the internet by the general public most consumers were at the mercy of producers who largely decided what information would be released. Then, after a fair amount of regulation made the disclosure of key facts mandatory consumers began to become more and more educated about what they purchased, especially those items which could have a profound effect on their health. But, that degree of information skyrocketed as consumers began to see that they could access the experiences of millions upon millions of other consumers in the form of user reviews.

However, once many companies realized how damaging this could be related to their inferior or even dangerous products, they began utilizing strategies which worked to raise the level of distrust in many of these types of reviews. With this being the case, we always attempt to find less biased sources of user comments.

Based on a review of numerous industry related websites but with no apparent connection to Plexus Slim or its parent company plus a number of online forums and chat rooms known to discuss dietary supplements of this kind we found a large sampling of independent user reviews for Plexus Slim. A tally of the overall user satisfaction ratings showed that a large majority of them did not feel that they received any significant or lasting benefits from its use.

The Final Conclusion

Since most people in the first world and, especially those in the United States are dealing with a supply of food which is largely reliant on processed foods with a high level of fat, salt and sugar added to them as well as a high levels of man-made chemicals added to improve flavor, color shelf life it is easy to see why there is a growing obesity epidemic. As one would suspect, this has led to the formation of a huge industry that provides products designed to help consumers lose weight while establishing and maintaining a more healthy one. Still, with the increasing amount of evidence that not all products of this type are either effective or safe, our mission here was to see if Plexus Slim was one of the best that this industry has to offer at this point in time. To make that happen we decided to look at a number of factors but just three of them were the basis of our core analysis.

One was the set of ingredients and, as discussed earlier, there are numerous worthy elements which have a proven track record and still there are multiple of core ingredients which we did not find. Another was related to what we could find dealing with any research, studies or clinical trials which might have been conducted. In this instance, we did not find any credible or verifiable evidence of data gleaned from reports which would provide any support to the many claims being put forth regarding the base formulation for Plexus Slim. The final factor has to do with what independent user reviews had said in relation to their experiences with Plexus Slim. The evidence that we found showed that a large majority of them did not belief that this product produced any notable positive results.

In the end, it seems that there are likely many other products of this type that are proving to be far more effective and safer to use in attempting to achieve significant and healthy weight loss.

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