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OxyElite Pro Review

Rated: 1 out of 5

Losing weight is a tough process. You have to balance a healthy diet plan, an exercise routine, and an all-encompassing lifestyle change in order to get real and permanent results. Even then, when you're struggling to do everything perfectly, you can still hit some metaphorical brick walls on the path to weight loss.

OxyElite ProFortunately, there are lots of diet supplements on the market to help you through those plateaus. But keep in mind that not all weight loss supplements are created equal. Some products don't work nearly as well as their manufacturers claim. Others might help your body burn fat like an efficient machine, but can be prohibitively expensive. And yet still others might work phenomenally well at an affordable price, but contain toxic ingredients which could put your health at risk.

According to the product review below, our diet experts believe that OxyElite Pro is one such product. As of right now, many of its active ingredients have reportedly cause severe health problems in some customers. For more information on the controversy surrounding OxyElite Pro, keep reading.

What is OxyElite Pro?

OxyElite Pro is a weight loss supplement originally marketed and sold by USP Labs. However, there is a great deal of controversy surrounding the product. About a year ago, the United States Food and Drug Administration issued a ban on the USP Labs OxyElite Pro supplement and ordered a recall of the product. The existing supplies, a grand total of $22 million dollars' worth of pills, were later destroyed for safety reasons.

The controversy started when the company originally tried to sell their weight loss pill with the banned ingredient DMAA as an integral part of the formula. This ingredient is not permitted within the United States because of the likelihood that it may cause any number of the following health risks: high blood pressure, heart attacks, seizures, psychiatric disorders, and death.

USP Labs eventually re-formulated OxyElite Pro and released their "new and improved" supplement with a different active ingredient, aegeline. Unfortunately, this new ingredient posed even more dangerous health risks for users, leading to upwards of 50 cases of non-viral hepatitis and liver failure in customers who used the product.

OxyElite Pro Ingredients

The original effective ingredients, DMAA and Aegeline, are no longer available for sale in the US due to their frighteningly high likelihood of causing heart problems, liver failure, and death. Similar/copycat products may exist on the market, but the odds are likely that the active ingredients in such supplements are either some variation of caffeine or other relatively safe herbal supplements. However, most customer reviews complain that the newer, healthier, FDA-approved version of OxyElite Pro which exists today is not nearly as effective as the banned formula.

Buy OxyElite Pro

It is now extremely difficult to buy OxyElite Pro in either its original formula or its new/improved version if you are from the United States. The FDA recalled and destroyed most (if not all) of the available stock back in late 2013 because of the health risks mentioned above.

An internet search may reveal a similar or copycat product sold under the product label "Swan EXTREME OXYElite Pro Strength Gold Formula". It is unclear whether this is a completely different weight loss supplement sold by a different company, or an attempt by USP Labs to recover some of their economic losses through strategic re-branding.

Does OxyElite Pro Work?

Many of the seemingly honest customer reviews lament the fact that this product no longer exists in its original formulation. Apparently, despite the high risk of cardiac and liver problems, it was an effective weight loss formula. But before you go scouring the internet for some black market supply of this banned substance, stop and ask yourself one very important question: is losing body fat really worth risking your health and, potentially, your life? Especially when there are so many other weight loss supplements out there on the market which can give you the same effect with natural botanical ingredients without the insane risks to your physical wellbeing?

If you take a look at our diet pill reviews page, you can find several such weight loss supplements. Don't risk your health or your life to look good when you don't have to!

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