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Life Extension Review

Rated: 3 out of 5

Weight loss is a difficult problem that millions of people struggle with on a daily basis. Obviously, we all know that the key to losing weight in a safe, healthy way is to increase your physical activity while restricting your caloric intake. But for many people, going to the gym more often or changing your diet habits can be extremely difficult.

Life Extension

The people behind Life Extension supplements, however, warn their potential customers that if they don't attempt to alter their diets and avoid eating the "poisonous" foods that made them fat in the first place, their health will be severely compromised. They even suggest questionable forms of aversion therapy in order to trick your brain into thinking of unhealthy food as toxic for your body. On the front page of their website, they advise taking a bite of unhealthy food and then spitting it into the trash - otherwise known as the "chew and spit" method of weight loss common amongst people afflicted with anorexia - in order to create a negative association with bad food in your mind.

While some Life Extension methods seem a little bizarre, the program has the honorable goal of trying to get people to eat healthier in order to lose weight. Also, they offer a variety of supplements designed to help boost weight loss and improve overall physical health. Of particular interest are the Life Extension Fucoxanthin-Slim Softgels.

Are these softgels the fat-fighting miracle that Life Extension promises its customers? Or are they just another product in a long line of diet pills that fall short on their promises? In this review, we'll take a look at Life Extension supplements, and give you our expert opinion on the matter. To learn more, just keep reading.

What Is Life Extension?

Life Extension is a company that focuses on the science behind weight loss, aging, and body fat accumulation. They do a very effective job of delivering a lot of scientific information on the subject to potential customers via their website. And, alongside their scientific research, they sell a variety of supplements designed to enhance the effectiveness of a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

However, for the average layman, it could be argued that they do too good of a job and get lost in the scientific jargon. It can be difficult for the typical shopper to understand how the metabolic action of their mitochondrial DNA can help or hinder their weight loss goals. For many potential customers, this communication burden can make it difficult to understand exactly how Life Extension supplements are designed to improve weight loss.

Life Extension Ingredients

For the Life Extension Fucoxanthin-Slim Softgels, there are two main ingredients. The first one is called Wakame fucoxanthin extract. Japanese researchers discovered that this particular extract tricks your body into producing a special protein. When this protein is active in your blood stream, it encourages your body to burn excess fatty acids for energy - as opposed to storing them as fat.

The other ingredient in the proprietary blend is pomegranate seed oil (a.k.a. punicic acid). The website doesn't go into as much scientific detail about how or why exactly this pomegranate oil works, but according to some studies they found, this extract reduces the blood supply that your body gives to its fat cells. Somehow, this is supposed to increase fat loss and decrease fat storage in your body.

Buy Life Extension

It is fairly easy to purchase Life Extension supplements online. You can buy them directly from the company's website, or from a third party vendor like Amazon or E-Bay. Prices will vary significantly depending on which vendor you choose. The manufacturer offers additional discounts if you register as a Life Extension member...but membership comes with additional fees depending on whether you want to pay your dues monthly, or once per year.

Does Life Extension Work?

The research behind the product seems to be fairly sound; Life Extension provides plenty of scientific evidence to support the claims of their supplements. However, some customers have made their dissatisfaction known across independent review websites like Amazon. And getting on board with the Life Extension system - which involves the questionable food aversion therapies mentioned earlier - might create more problems with your eating habits than it solves.

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