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Apatrim Reviews

Rated: 1.5 out of 5

Apatrim is a diet pill that utilizes a natural plant extract to suppress the appetite. According to the official product website, the main ingredient in Apatrim has been clinically tested to show that 100 percent of the participants lost weight, lost inches, or lost both weight and inches. Buried deep within the website are the specifics of this clinical trial; in fact, only 26 people in all participated in the trial, and of the 26, just 19 people took Apatrim's active ingredient.

On Apatrim's website, there are a number of testimonials from users who list the benefits of the Apatrim program, which include reduced appetite and weight loss. However, none of the these Apatrim reviews state how much weight was lost and over what time period.

Other Apatrim reviews indicate that many users experienced some success with the product. For every review from a user praising Apatrim for reducing their appetite, there are several other reviews in which users state that Apatrim is nothing more than a placebo that did nothing to curb their appetite or assist them in their weight loss quest. In 2008, the Chicago Tribune's health expert, Julie Deardorff, reviewed Apatrim and concluded that Apatrim was just the latest in the never-ending series of “miracle” diet pills that feature much hype but little in substantive results.

Apatrim Ingredients

Apatrim's active ingredient is 500 milligrams of Caralluma Fimbriata Extract, which is derived from a plant native to India that is used as an appetite suppressant. Other ingredients include cellulose, titanium dioxide, gelatin, FD&C blue 1, FD&C yellow 6 and FD&C red 3.

Where to Buy Apatrim

You can purchase Apatrim from the company's website. One bottle of Apatrim is priced at $29.00; two bottles will set you back $48.00; three bottles cost $67.00, and four bottles are priced at $86.00, which is the best deal on a per-pill basis. Shipping charges are $7.85 for any size order.

Apatrim is also available through a variety of online and bricks-and-mortar retailers which include Walgreens, the Vitamin Shoppe, and Prices at these retailers range from approximately $22.00 to $25.00 per bottle.

Does Apatrim Work?

Judging from most of the reviews, Apatrim has been helpful in a few cases where users were looking to curb their appetites and lose weight. Little evidence is available to substantiate exactly how much weight users lost and in what specific time period, however.

The general consensus regarding Apatrim is a bit different from the users that were satisfied with the product. Most users found that Apatrim did little or nothing to suppress their hunger and to help them lose weight; a number of users compared Apatrim to a placebo or a sugar pill. A significant number of users noted that Apatrim is expensive as compared with other similar diet aids.

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