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Finding the Best Diet Pill

Diet pills have been on the market for decades, but now they are more effective than ever for people who wish to lose excess weight. Prescription pills are approved for those who qualify as obese, and all adults can use over-the-counter brands. Here is some more information about finding the best diet pill options available:

Prescription Diet Pills

People who have a Body Mass Index of 30 or above are candidates for prescription diet pills. There are several types of medication that assist in weight loss: orlistat (brand name Xenical), phentermine (brand names Obenix, Adipex-P, and Oby-Trim), and sibutramine (brand names Meridia and Reductil). These pills work by either preventing fat from being absorbed into the body or by keeping the metabolism high and the appetite suppressed.

Prescription diet pills work best in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise. When used correctly according to the instructions, these pills will promote a healthy weight loss of approximately one or two pounds a month. It is important for dieters who take Xenical to stick with a low-fat eating plan, as too much fat consumption can lead to an upset stomach and diarrhea.

Finding A Diet Pill That Works

Those who don't meet the requirements for prescription diet pills can still easily find an over-the-counter diet pill that works by increasing your metabolism and burning fat. When deciding on which brand of diet pill to use, it is a good idea to read testimonials from people who have been successful in losing weight and keeping it off. In addition to traditional diet pill formulas, certain herbal supplements and colon cleansers have also been proven effective for weight loss. By thoroughly researching the different products available, it's easy to find a diet pill that works.

Best Diet Pill

The best diet pill for you depends on your particular weight loss need. Some people go through numerous different diet pills because they are trying to use the wrong kind of pill and it isn't suiting their specific weight loss needs.

Individuals who have issues with overeating or stress eating would benefit from an appetite suppressant, while someone who had a few stubborn pounds would be better suited by a fat burner. Someone who is trying to maintain their weight loss or prevent additional weight gain should use a fat blocker.

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