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Strongest Diet Pills

In these modern times, there are so many brands of diet pills available that the process of finding one that is strong and effective can be confusing. Diet pills are marketed in two general categories: prescription pills and non-prescription pills. Prescription pills are quite strong but can produce some harmful side effects. Non-prescription pills, such as green tea supplements, are strong as well but made from natural products that don't cause detriment to one's health.

Prescription Diet Pills

Prescription diet pills are best known under their brand names, such as Xenical, Adipex-P, and Meridia. They are also prescribed in their generic forms: orlistat, phentermine, and sibutramine. Prescription pills are reserved for people who are considered to be obese based on the standards of the Body Mass Index, a height-to-weight ratio chart. Those who are severely overweight and experiencing health complications are able to take strong prescription diet pills in order to lose a large amount of weight in a few months' time. These pills are strong enough in dosage to be considered controlled substances and should only be distributed by a doctor or medical professional.

Prescription pills affect the hypothalamus in the brain by targeting the areas that control appetite. The pills allow dieters to feel like they've just eaten a full meal and are not hungry for additional food. When used in conjunction with an exercise and nutrition plan, prescription pills can produce large amounts of weight loss quickly. Their use can also result in issues such as insomnia or heart problems in some patients if not monitored closely or taken correctly.

Non-Prescription Diet Pills

Non-prescription pills have helped many people lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. These pills can be taken for as long as a dieter wants to use them without the risk of serious side effects. Non-prescription pills are strong in how they work, but they are not controlled substances and can be purchased over the counter at many pharmacies or from websites. They are made from herbal and plant extracts that boost the metabolism, clean toxins from the body, and eliminate excess fat.

Diet Pill Reviews

Diet pill reviews are readily available online for both prescription pills and non-prescription pills. Those who have tried prescription pills normally experience rapid weight loss but sometimes have issues with side effects or their overall health. Check out diet pill reviews for more information.

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