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Lose Weight Faster by Getting to Know Your Metabolic Hormones!

Calories in, calories out (CICO) can help some people find weight loss success. But you can make the process much, much easier on yourself if you understand how your metabolic hormones react to the calories you eat. There are certain ways of eating that can help you biohack your hormones so that you feel less hungry and you have more energy during the day. When you add that to daily calorie deficits, you can burn tons of body fat and lose the weight you want to lose in no time!

Metabolic Hormones

Ghrelin and Leptin

The short story behind these hormones is this: ghrelin makes you feel hungry, and leptin makes you feel full. There are also inversely related to one another. When grilling is high, leptin will be low; when leptin is high, ghrelin will be low. And there are many different factors which can influence how these hormones cycle through their highs and lows during the day.

Ghrelin is a pretty straightforward hormone. Its production skyrockets when your stomach senses that it is empty. But if your stomach is empty and you are in a severe calorie deficit, it compounds the problem that much further (unless you are fat-adapted, that is). So you want to be careful with your calorie intake when dieting in order to make sure you don't summon the ghrelin hunger gremlin who will trick you into overeating.

Then there's leptin. Your body can develop a sensitivity to leptin in a similar way that it can to its sister hormone, insulin (but more on that later). Unlike ghrelin, leptin is produced by your fat cells. The more fat cells you have, the more leptin your body makes. But when your body makes too much leptin, your brain loses its sensitivity to leptin and it is very difficult for your body to realize that it should feel full. Resetting your leptin sensitivity is a little tricky - luckily, resetting your leptin sensitivity is pretty simple once you understand how insulin sensitivity works.


Not many people are talking about ghrelin and leptin these days. But everybody and their mother is talking about insulin. Insulin is the hormone that is produced by your pancreas when your body senses that its blood sugar levels are going up. When your blood sugar rises, insulin swoops in to the rescue, cleaning it up out of your bloodstream and transporting it into your cells so that it can be burned away for energy. When your blood sugar levels are too high, you put yourself at risk for a dangerous condition called hyperglycemia. Hypoglycemia is the opposite, where your blood sugar levels are too low. Both conditions are potentially life-threatening without emergency treatment.

Unfortunately, the dietary revolution of the 1980s created the meal plan that most of us still followed to this day: the Standard American diet. It was supposed to be a healthier way of eating compared to what we were doing in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, - yet, strangely, obesity rates have been on the rise consistently ever since. The problem with the standard american diet is that the foods it recommends - and the rapid meal frequency with which it recommends them - is constantly spiking blood sugar in our bodies. Our bodies then have to work overtime 24/7 to produce more and more insulin to get rid of the sugar.

But the cells in your body can only absorb so much sugar at any given time. When your liver is full of glycogen and when the little gas tanks in each cell in your body are topped off, that sugar has to go into your fat cells. And, as we've already discussed, this excess fat ruins your body's ability to absorb leptin, leaving you feeling hungry all the time. This leads you to overeat, which spikes your blood sugar, which produces more fat cells, which makes you feel hungry all the time...It's a vicious circle. But you can break that cycle and get your hormones back on track with just a few simple lifestyle changes.

Hacking Your Hormones to Burn Body Fat and Lose Weight

Biohacking your body to optimize your metabolism for burning fat is a lot simpler than you think. You can use the simple tips below to regulate your hormonal imbalances and get back onto a healthy path. You don't have to do everything at once; just start with one or two of the easiest ones, and work your way up from there:

  • Adjust your meal timing/frequency. Back before obesity rates started spiking, most people stuck to a strict "three square meals a day" eating regimen. This gave their bodies time to regulate insulin and blood sugar between meals, and a long fasting period overnight for metabolic rest and rejuvenation. The same thing can work for you.
  • Adjust your macronutrients. The standard American Diet may want you to eat a ton of carbs with some protein and very little fat, but studies show that balancing ghrelin and leptin can happen with fewer carbs, and more protein and fat. Plus, as long as you get these nutrients from healthy, whole food sources, they're very tasty!
  • Exercise more, especially HIIT cardio. The constant fluctuation in your heartbeat triggers a stronger metabolic response than steady state cardio. The stronger the response, the more effective the results.
  • Find ways to reduce stress. People who suffer more stress also produce higher levels of ghrelin - hence the food cravings you get when you are "stress eating". Pick up a new hobby, give yourself meditation breaks during the day, and give yourself as much personal time as possible to keep your stress levels down and your spirits high.

Another way you can indirectly influence your hunger hormones is to supplement your diet with exogenous ketones supplements. Keto XS contains pure, natural ketone salts which help your body adjust to burning its own fat so that you can feel fuller, longer. The more body fat you burn, the more leptin sensitive you will become and the less ghrelin your body will produce. This makes it easier to maintain the calorie deficit you need to lose weight since you won't be fighting insatiable food cravings all day long. We promise you will love your results!

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